Tarte Maracuja Oil

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  • vegan and cruelty-free oil that contains vitamin e.
  • it doesn't contain any harsh alcohols, common allergens, fragrances, parabens, silicones or sulfates.
  • it does contain oils.
  • it is fungal acne (malassezia) safe and reef safe.
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Vitamin E


Scar Healing



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fungal-acne safe

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What it does: Emollient

Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil is an oil.

Learn more about Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil
What it does: Masking, Skin Conditioning, Antioxidant
Community Rating: Liked

Tocopherol (also known as Vitamin E) is a common antioxidant used to help protect the skin from free-radicals and strengthen the skin barrier. It's also fat soluble - this means our skin is great at absorbing it.

Vitamin E also provides some UV protection by reducing the damage caused by UVB rays. Combining it with Vitamin C can decrease sunburned cells and hyperpigmentation after UV exposure.

Vitamin E also helps keep your natural skin lipids healthy. Your lipid skin barrier naturally consists of lipids, ceramides, and fatty acids. Vitamin E offers extra protection for your skin’s lipid barrier, keeping your skin healthy and nourished.

Vitamin E aids in stabilizing Vitamin C. Using the two together helps increase the effectiveness of both ingredients.

There are often claims that Vitamin E can reduce/prevent scarring, but these claims haven't been confirmed by scientific research.

Learn more about Tocopherol
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