About Us

Hey there! We’re Genne and Jacob, the two people who created this site.

We started building SkinSort in May 2020 while we were under lockdown due to the pandemic. Since then, we’ve spent hundreds of hours of our spare time doing research and development for the site. We hope you like it!

We’ve designed SkinSort to be a hub for skincare lovers around the world. We want everybody to have the chance to achieve their skin goals.

SkinSort started out as a fairly simple idea - a Routine Creator connected to a Product and Ingredients Database.

We’ve continued building on top of those original elements, adding in an Ingredient Analyser, Dupe Database, Product Comparison Tool, and our Shelf system. We still have plenty of ideas, and will continue to develop them as time goes on :)

Let's go over the main features of the site, to give you a better understanding:

Product Database

Our algorithms have analyzed thousands of skincare products to provide useful information based directly on the product’s ingredients. You can filter on our products database for a ton of different attributes, including things like “alcohol-free” and “good for dry skin”.

The Product Database is one of the core elements of the site, as many of our other tools work together with it. We’re constantly working on adding new products, but as we’re just two people, it has proven to be quite a bit of work.

For most products, we also provide links to multiple merchants where you can purchase the product. Product prices displayed on our site are updated as frequently as possible using our automated system.

We’d really appreciate it if you submit any products that you can’t find on our site!

Ingredient Database

The Ingredient Database works together with the Product Database to algorithmically analyze skincare products. We’ve managed to collect data on over 27,000 skincare ingredients, so we’ve got them basically all covered!

We’re working on writing more detailed descriptions (based on peer-reviewed studies) for popular ingredients - let us know if you’d like to help out!

Routine Creator

Our Routine Creator is a pretty powerful tool that lets you arrange any number of skincare products into an easy-to-understand routine.

While browsing the Product Database, you’ll notice a set of three buttons (AM, PM, and AM + PM) that you can use to add products to your current routine. Products you add will be placed in the correct order of use (based on their category). If you visit the Routine Creator’s page, you can then edit the frequency of use for any product, as well as write a custom description for the routine.

When you’ve finished putting a routine together, you can share it using its permalink, publish it to SkinSort, or export it to social sites such as Reddit or Instagram.

You can use the Routine Creator without an account, but we highly recommend creating an account so that you don’t lose access to the routine you create (it’s stored in your browser, rather than attached to your account).

Product Shelves

With a SkinSort account, you also get the ability to create Product Shelves. You can add any number of products to a shelf, and then you can add a note beside each of the products you’ve added.

Shelves are a great way to keep track of products that didn’t work for your skin, products that you want to buy, or anything else that you can come up with!

You can also publish shelves to our community, or share them on other sites using their permalink.

Ingredient Analyzer

There are a few other Ingredient Analyzers out there, but we’ve tried to make ours special. If you analyze an ingredient list, you’ll get to see the same beautiful information and data that you see on our skincare product pages.

The analyzer will summarise the benefits, concerns, and notable ingredients of a product, as well as giving you a quick breakdown of some other facts about the list. Then, you can explore the linked ingredient pages in more detail.

Our analyzer supports both text-based analysis (copy-pasted from a retailer’s site), and image-based analysis (simply take a photo of the ingredients list on a product’s packaging).

Product Comparisons

You can use our Product Comparison Tool to quickly generate a side-by-side comparison of any two skincare products.

Our tool will even highlight the common ingredients of the two products, making it super easy to compare ingredient lists.

Dupe Database

Dupes are a pretty fascinating topic and a great way to save some serious money on your skincare routine. We spent a lot of time crafting an algorithm that will accurately find dupes, based on all of the data we know about each and every product.

You can browse our entire dupe database for fun, or click on the “Find Dupes” button on an individual product’s page to view dupes for that specific product.

SkinSort Community

The Community page is a place where you can share any routines and shelves that you create with SkinSort. Other users can comment on things that you publish, so this can be a great place to get feedback on your routine!

We plan to add more functions to the community page in the future as the site grows.


We hope that you enjoy using SkinSort! If you have any feedback, both positive and negative, please get in touch! We’re still constantly working on making this site better, and we really appreciate any advice.

That’s all for now - good luck with your skincare journey!

Genne & Jacob

See our FAQ if you've got any more questions!