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SkinSort is a modern, up-to-date alternative to CosDNA

SkinSort vs CosDNA, at a glance

Feature SkinSort CosDNA
Ingredient Analyzer
Supervised database
Dupe Finder
Science-backed Research
Mobile Friendly
Frequently Improved

Like CosDNA, but more accurate

We'll tell you exactly what a product does based on our analysis of its ingredients.

  • Unbiased info directly from a product's ingredients

    Our algorithms use a science-based approach to analyze tens of thousands of ingredients to determine what a product does.

  • Analyze any ingredients list

    Copy-paste an ingredient list into our Ingredient Analyzer, and we'll match it up with our algorithms to give you a detailed report on what any skincare product does.

Research-backed Ingredients

The information in our database and ingredients library are all based on real research, and we provide references to back up our claims.

We keep an eye on the most recent scientific discoveries. Staying up to date with the research allows us to give our users a better understanding of each ingredient's role in a product.

When you look at an ingredient on SkinSort, you'll be able to see exactly what it does for you. You'll be able to understand the role of each ingredient when you look at a product.

Mobile and desktop friendly

If you're like us, we like to get product information while we're out and about.

That is why SkinSort is easy to use on the phone. Whether you are shopping or working at your desk, SkinSort is there and ready when you need it.

Our website is fully usable on mobile. We're also considering building a mobile-app version of SkinSort, let us know if this is something you'd use!

Design your routine

Our Routine Creator will help you plan and perfect your routine.

  • Fully customizable routines

    Everyone's routine is different. You can add any number of products to your routine and decide how often they're used.

  • Product incompatibility warnings

    Depending on your skin, you'll sometimes want to avoid combining certain skincare ingredients. Our Routine Creator analyzes the products you've added to your routine and gives you a warning if they might be incompatible.

  • Easily share your routine

    After you've added a few products to your routine, you can share it with your friends using a link or downloadable image.

Build your routine It's free forever.

We love user feedback

We would love to hear from you! We always want to improve our site and make it better for our community.

SkinSort wouldn't be what it is without our users who share their feedback and and suggestions.

If you notice anything wrong with the data on our site, or have suggestions on how we can make it better - we want to hear from you.

You can always reach a real human by emailing [email protected]

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