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Isntree Mugwort Calming Powder Wash Ingredients Explained

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Published on February 02, 2023 Submitted by Butter


What it is

Exfoliator with 11 ingredients that contains exfoliants

Cool Features

It is vegan, cruelty-free, and reef safe

Suited For

It has ingredients that are good for sensitive skin and scar healing

Free From

It doesn't contain any harsh alcohols, common allergens, fragrances, oils, parabens, silicones or sulfates

Fun facts

Isntree is from South Korea. This product is used in 8 routines created by our community.

We independently verify ingredients and our claims are backed by peer-reviewed research. Does this product need an update? Let us know.

You should know

Here's our breakdown of the notable ingredients, benefits, and concerns we determined from the ingredients in this product. Click any item to learn more.

Notable Ingredients

Exfoliators (2)


Redness Reducing
Reduces Irritation
Scar Healing



Ingredient Info

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fungal-acne safe

Ingredients Overview

Here's our quick-to-read summary of the ingredients in this product. Keep scrolling if you'd like to learn more about what each ingredient does!
Abrasive, Absorbent, Skin Protecting
Exfoliant Icon
Not safe for Fungal Acne Icon
Cleansing, Emulsifying
Humectant, Skin Conditioning
Skin Conditioning
0 / 0
Abrasive, Humectant, Skin Conditioning
Exfoliant IconCan worsen Dry Skin IconMay cause irritation IconMay worsen Eczema IconMay worsen Rosacea Icon
Skin Conditioning, Skin Protecting, Soothing
0 / 0
Helps reduce Skin Redness IconHelps reduce irritation IconGood for Scar Healing Icon
Absorbent, Emulsion Stabilising, Skin Conditioning
Skin Conditioning, Solvent

Ingredients Explained

This product contains 11 ingredients. Click on any ingredient to learn more about it
What it does: Abrasive, Absorbent, Skin Protecting
Community Rating: Disliked

Zea Mays Starch is starch made from corn. You might know this as cornstarch . It is used to thicken a product. It can replace talc as an absorbent.

The pH of cornstarch is 5.92.

Cornstarch is a common food ingredient used to thicken soups or to make corn syrup.

Learn more about Zea Mays Starch
What it does: Cleansing
Community Rating: Disliked

Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a natural ingredient from the fatty acids of coconut oil. It is a surfactant and helps with cleansing the skin.

By binding to water and oil, it helps gently clean skin. It also helps the spreadability of the product.

Sodium cocoyl isethionate is also added to help create foam without drying the skin. However, this is depending on the amount of Sodium cocoyl isethionate.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate may not be fungal acne safe.

Learn more about Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
What it does: Cleansing, Emulsifying

We don't have a description for Sodium Palmitate.

What it does:
Community Rating: Very Disliked

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate is the sodium salt from the lauric acid of glutamic acid.

It is a surfactant and helps cleanse the skin. Surfactants gather oil, dirt, and other pollutants from your skin so they may be washed away easily.

What it does: Humectant, Skin Conditioning
Community Rating: Loved

Diglycerin is a humectant. It is derived from glycerin, which is naturally found in your skin.

As a humectant, it helps draw moisture to the skin from the air.

What it does: Skin Conditioning
Community Rating: Liked

Papain is an enzyme found naturally in the papaya plant's leaves, fruit, and roots. It has antimicrobial, soothing, and wound healing properties.

Glycine and Vitamin A are naturally found in papain.

While papain is often touted as skin-lightening, further studies are needed to prove this. However, papain has been shown to help soothe acne-inflammation.

Papain belongs to a class of enzymes called proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes break down peptides and amino acids.

Some studies found papain to be a potential skin sensitizer and allergen. Those with latex allergies might also be allergic to papaya.

Learn more about Papain
What it does: Abrasive, Humectant, Skin Conditioning
Community Rating: Mixed

Sea Salt is an exfoliant. It can be bad for dry skin, cause irritation, worsen eczema, and worsen rosacea.

What it does: Masking
Community Rating: Liked

Artemisia Princeps Leaf Water is created from the wugwort native to Korea, China, and Japan.

Artemisia Princeps contains antioxidants and ant-inflammatory properties.

This flower is part of the sunflower family.

Learn more about Artemisia Princeps Leaf Water
What it does: Skin Conditioning, Skin Protecting, Soothing
Community Rating: Loved

Allantoin plays a role in soothing and moisturizing the skin. Because of this, it is often added to products with strong active ingredients.

Some studies have shown this ingredient can promote wound healing with higher concentrations.

Allantoin is derived from the comfrey plant but produced synthetically for cosmetic products to ensure purity.

Learn more about Allantoin
What it does: Absorbent, Emulsion Stabilising, Skin Conditioning
Community Rating: Liked

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide. It is derived from starch such as rice, corn, wheat, or potato starch.

In food, Maltodextrin is used to improve the texture and thicken a product. Due to its structure, it can help create a gel texture. As an emulsion stabilizer, it helps keep the ingredients in a product together.

As a polysaccharide, Maltodextrin has moisturizing properties. Polysaccharides are a type of carbohydrate. The top layer of skin uses polysaccharides to retain water, keeping the skin hydrated.

Maltodextrin is water soluble and has a sweet taste.

Learn more about Maltodextrin
What it does: Skin Conditioning, Solvent
Community Rating: Loved

Water. It's the most common cosmetic ingredient of all. You'll usually see it at the top of ingredient lists, meaning that it makes up the largest part of the product.

So why is it so popular? Water most often acts as a solvent - this means that it helps dissolve other ingredients into the formulation.

You'll also recognize water as that liquid we all need to stay alive. Talk about multi-purpose! If you see this, drink a glass of water. Stay hydrated!

Learn more about Water
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When to use

Here's some more info on how this product is used by our community.


1. Dispense the powder onto wet hands and lather up.
2. Massage gently over the entire face.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
4. Keep the bubbles on your face for 30 seconds before washing for a deeper cleanse.

1. Dispense the powder onto wet hands and lather up.
2. Massage gently over the entire face.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.
4. Keep the bubbles on your face for 30 seconds before washing for a deeper cleanse.

When to use

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