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Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract

Our database includes 126 products that contain Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract.


Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract comes from the beach strawberry. This is a strawberry native to Pacific coasts of North America, South America, and Hawaii. It likes to grow on sandy beaches.

Beach strawberries have antioxidant and moisturizing properties. They contain many compounds that are potent antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and Vitamin C.

The sugar, or polysaccharides, in strawberries help hydrate the skin by increasing water retention.

Strawberries also contain acids such as ellagic acid, a compound that may protect our skin against UVB damage. Another acid present is citric acid.

Fun fact: The strawberry we buy and eat today was created as a hybrid from the beach strawberry.

Also known as: Beach Strawberry Extract, Chilean Strawberry Extract, and Coastal Strawberry Extract

Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract is a rare cosmetic ingredient, with about 0.3% of the products in our database containing it.

What it does:

Skin Conditioning

Where it's used

Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract is most often found as ingredient number 24 within an ingredient list.

These are the categories of products that use Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Extract the most:

CosIng Data

  • CosIng ID: 56286
  • EC #:  305-877-6
  • All Functions: Skin Conditioning
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