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A skincare hobbyist that enjoys an extensive routine and trying out new products. Primarily...

A skincare hobbyist that enjoys an extensive routine and trying out new products. Primarily concerned with products' effectiveness but I also value a pleasant user experience, functional packaging and nice sensorial properties.

30s with fairly unproblematic dry combo skin that's somewhat prone redness and barrier damage. Generally not sensitive, not prone to blemishes or hyperpigmentation.


My rating scale:
* = Garbage product. Not a single positive quality and/or some major flaw(s) that makes the product unusable under all circumstances.
** = Some positive qualities but overall I'm really unimpressed. Probably didn't perform as well as I expect of my products and may have caused issues such as irritation or pilling, which might not be the case for every user though.
*** = Left me feeling meh. Typically a decent-to-good product but one I'll likely forget about as soon as I've used it up. Stuff that neither impressed nor disappointed.
**** = A very good product that I could well see myself repurchasing, or an outstanding product but with some notable flaw such as being way overpriced.
***** = Top notch stuff. A superb product that I will still think about years later even if not actively using it. Any flaws are so minor that I consider them insignificant.

Holy Grails = Products that I have used and loved for years, and despite having tried lots of products of the same type/category, these ones still come out on top. Although I will keep trying out new products, I pretty much do not believe that these ones can be topped for me.

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