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I spent the first 20 years of my life washing my face with raw dove soap, coarse electric facial...

I spent the first 20 years of my life washing my face with raw dove soap, coarse electric facial brush, harsh western exfoliants and Nivea cream. I’m 21 years old now, and since discovering ✨double cleansing✨, gentler products and non physical treatments, I’ve been consistent with my 14 step, personally tailored Korean skincare regiment as of October 2023.

I have since scoured through the internet to discover new holy grails and review the infinite products that I use in extensive detail -including how long they last, their best purposes and a better substitute, I have combination normal/oily skin on my T-zone, if you’re interested in my journey, looking for new finds or want an honest review, feel free to follow.

26/01/2024 🌸Skin goal🌸: Glossy supple bouncy cheeks and skin, skin like a doughnut. It should look almost edible.

How do I find my products:
1. Purchasing from skin Cupid, Stylevana etc, usually give free sample products that match the same skin type as the rest of your order, e.g dry skin. that’s how I came across my TirTir milk toner.
2. Social media, tik tok specifically -the kbeauty circle is practically a cult of self diagnosed dermatologists at this point, I love how the community is extremely informative however you have to be careful of just trying products because they’re hyped, brands do so many ads and people don’t even look at ingredients content but assume if it works for their peers it will have the same affect on them. My favorite kbeauty TikTok accounts:
🐙INFORMATIVE & SCIENTIFIC ACCOUNTS🐙: skincaredavey, brutechoi, shereeneidriss, charinecheungg, james_s_welsh
🪼PRODUCT SUGGESTION ACCOUNTS🪼: likeskin, livekbeauty, paulinejchoii, irlkm222, x1nhz, daan_112, skincarezip, inagtcha

3. SkinSort, using this platform helps find products but i usually use it as a comparison measurement for top vs niche products

Oily Skin Fungal Acne Dullness Texture


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