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26F, primarily Irish descent, very fair skinned. Trying to take better care of my skin and...

26F, primarily Irish descent, very fair skinned. Trying to take better care of my skin and improve it's appearance. My skin is primarily sensitive and dry, somewhat acne prone (worse with stress), extremely photosensitive. I need to frequently moisturize and always be sure to never have anything oily or greasy stay on my skin for any length of time or I break out.

My skincare goals are to prevent acne breakouts, reduce or eliminate dark spots from healed acne, maintain hydration / prevent dry spots or peeling, prevent future wrinkles or age related lines and overall have my skin appear healthier and less dull. I am learning about new products and techniques, trying to form a solid routine and add to it as I learn more about my skin and find what works for me.

Yes, I'm crazy. I know.

Photosensitivity- I work 3rd shift and have an extreme aversion to sunlight during all other times of the day. I use a lot of physical barriers, high upf clothing and have ceramic tinted windows on my car, I constantly wear a hood / gloves, face coverings or physically shield my face from the sun if I am ever turned towards it. I use an umbrella if I need to be outside and am not just walking to or from my car, and I have started wearing sunscreen indoors even at night due to the lighting being harsh. Aside from medical related reasons, I strongly believe that total sun avoidance is a major factor to preventing visual skin aging and wrinkles. Sun exposure severely affects my health and I have long since developed a fear of being exposed to it, I have zero intention of ever trying to change it. I'll live in my cave, thank you.

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