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Sodium Bicarbonate

Our database includes 193 products that contain Sodium Bicarbonate.

You should know

What it is



Sodium Bicarbonate has a more famous name: Baking soda.

In cosmetics, it is used to adjust the acidity. Due to its white crystalline solid form, it can also be an abrasive (exfoliator).

This ingredient is water-soluble.

People also dislike: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin

Also known as: Baking Soda

Sodium Bicarbonate is a rare cosmetic ingredient, with about 0.5% of the products in our database containing it.

Where it's used

Sodium Bicarbonate is most often found as ingredient number 12 within an ingredient list.

These are the categories of products that use Sodium Bicarbonate the most:

CosIng Data

  • CosIng ID: 37736
  • INN Name: sodium bicarbonate
  • EC #:  205-633-8
  • Ph. Eur. Name: natrii hydrogenocarbonas
  • All Functions: Abrasive, Buffering, Deodorant, Oral Care, Skin Protecting
What is CosIng?

CosIng is the European Commission database for information on cosmetic substances and ingredients.

SkinSort uses CosIng to source some of it's data on ingredient names and functions.