Our database includes 983 products that contain Beta-Glucan.

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Reduces Redness


Beta-Glucan is a polysaccharide. It can be derived from the cell walls of seaweed, oats, yeast, and fungi.

Beta-Glucan is a humectant, meaning it can hold large amounts of water. This helps hydrate the skin. It also helps boost your skin's natural barrier.

Beta-Glucan has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help fight free-radicals. Free-radicals are molecules that may damage your skin cells, such as pollution.

Studies show Beta-Glucan may be an effective wrinkle reducer as it can deeply penetrate into skin. It has also been show to help with wound healing.

Beta-Glucan is a rare cosmetic ingredient, with about 3.3% of the products in our database containing it.

What it does:

Skin Conditioning

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Where it's used

Beta-Glucan is most often found as ingredient number 23 within an ingredient list.

Of the 2 products in our database that have a known concentration of Beta-Glucan, we've seen concentrations from 40% to 100% specified within their ingredient lists.

These are the categories of products that use Beta-Glucan the most:

CosIng Data

  • CosIng ID: 54744
  • All Functions: Skin Conditioning
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