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Build your routine and discover incompatibilities
Analyze any ingredient list for a science-backed explanation
Compare products and discover dupes
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Design your routine

Our Routine Creator will help you plan and perfect your routine.

  • Fully customizable routines

    Everyone's routine is different. You can add any number of products to your routine and decide how often they're used.

  • Product incompatibility warnings

    Depending on your skin, you'll sometimes want to avoid combining certain skincare ingredients. Our Routine Creator analyzes the products you've added to your routine and gives you a warning if they might be incompatible.

  • Easily share your routine

    After you've added a few products to your routine, you can share it with your friends using a link or downloadable image.

Build your routine It's free forever.

Understand what products really do

We'll tell you exactly what a product does based on our analysis of its ingredients.

  • Unbiased info directly from a product's ingredients

    Our algorithms use a science-based approach to analyze tens of thousands of ingredients to determine what a product does.

  • Analyze any ingredients list

    Copy-paste an ingredient list into our Ingredient Analyzer, and we'll match it up with our algorithms to give you a detailed report on what any skincare product does.

Filter 25,739 products

Combine over 60 filters to find the exact skincare products that suit your needs.

  • Combine over 60 filters

    Looking for vegan serums with retinol? That's no problem for our powerful filtering system!

  • Sort by what is important to you

    With our product filtering system, you can sort your results by price, number of ingredients, and more.

Side-by-side product comparisons

Quickly understand the similarities and differences between any two products.

  • Just the facts

    We'll show you the important facts about any two products so that you can get a quick understanding of what they do the same and what they do differently.

  • Highlighted common ingredients

    Scroll down a bit from the initial product info, and we'll display both of their ingredient lists side-by-side. Ingredients that are present in both products will be highlighted for your convenience.

Your favorite products, all in one place

Hundreds of brands and thousands of products, with more being added every single day.

Want to know more about an ingredient list?
Paste it into our Ingredient Checker

Track all of your products

We all have products that our skin likes and doesn't like - now, you can keep track of them.

  • Add any product to your shelf

    Create a skincare shelf to store any collection of products. We'll start you off with some default shelves such as "Liked Products" and "Disliked Products".

  • Add notes to products

    When a product is on your shelf, you can add a note to it. Use notes to keep track of how it affected your skin so that you can remember it later.

  • Share your shelf

    Every shelf has it's own permalink so that you can share it with others on social media.

Discover new skincare dupes

Our algorithms analyze thousands of products to find new dupes

  • Data-driven dupe finder

    Our dupe algorithm compares a products ingredients and attributes with all of the other products in its category.

  • Save money with cheaper alternatives

    Our dupe database will save you real money. There are tons of cheaper products with the exact same ingredients as expensive ones - and we'll help you find them.

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